3 Black History Month Activities for Elementary

September 27, 2023 3 min read

We, as teachers, know how vital it is to foster an inclusive and diverse classroom environment. Black History Month activities provide an opportunity to promote understanding, empathy, and respect for different cultures and historical backgrounds. Read on to find out HOW to do this!

3 Black History Month Activities for Elementary with an image of a completed research project of Barack Obama

#1 – Black History Month Posters (NOT Your Average)

One of the best ways for students to see themselves represented in the classroom is to include diversity in classroom decor. But don’t just teach the same five historical figures. Include well-known, lesser-known, AND modern Black leaders.

My favorite way to display the greatness of Black figures via classroom decor is through a bulletin board. Not only is the bulletin board visually appealing, but it also serves as a constant reminder of the importance of diversity and representation.

You can use these Black History Month posters in various ways, though. Read below for more ideas!

Three Black History Month posters featuring Aretha Franklin, Malcolm X, and Barack Obama

Gallery Walk

HOW: Students can walk through the gallery, read about different Black figures, and engage in discussions about their impact on society.

The WHY: Transforming the classroom into a gallery with diverse Black history posters can encourage interactive learning.

Bulletin Board

HOW: Organize the posters on a bulletin board, providing information about their achievements, contributions, and significance.

The WHY: Highlighting Black figures throughout history educates students.

Hallway Displays

HOW: Feature the Black History Month posters in prominent areas like hallways or common spaces.

The WHY: Create a school-wide impact, fostering a sense of unity and pride in acknowledging the achievements and contributions of Black individuals.

Scavenger Hunt

HOW: Place the posters strategically throughout the classroom or school and task students with finding specific information or details about each figure.

The WHY: The interactive nature of this activity encourages active engagement while promoting learning about Black history.

#2 – Black History Month Research Templates

A Black History Month project can enrich and enlighten students as they dive deep into research.

I know a project sounds like a lot of work, so I created structured templates for students to develop biography reports about notable historical Black figures.

Not only does this project promote research skills, it enhances knowledge of Black history, fosters creativity, and encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of the contributions of Black individuals throughout history.

Even better, the finished example is bulletin board-worthy!👇🏽

Here’s how it works.

  1. FIRST: Students choose a figure to research, then compile their research. There are pointers for students on the scaffolded version. Students can use the graphic organizer included to compile their research.
  2. NEXT: Students will fill in their research using either the blank or scaffolded versions.
  3. THEN: Have students cut the excess blank space on the perimeter.
  4. LAST: Students can cut out and paste onto construction paper. Hang the Black History Month projects in the hallway or on a bulletin board.
A research project for Black History Month as a completed example

#3 – Black History Month Person of the Day

Black History Month activities that are interactive can keep students’ engagement levels high! That’s why I created a daily interactive slideshow – to help you teach AND engage students in active learning.

These slides provide a structured format for daily educational activities during Black History Month. I’ve provided you with ALL the teaching points; all YOU have to do is project and teach!

The best part is that this Person of the Day routine can be done in 15-20 minutes daily.

Each person (45 people included currently) has five associated slides. Ideally, you should teach all five slides daily as they build upon each other.

It has interactive discussion topics, collaboration questions, formative assessments, videos, and more. They’re all built into the daily routine, too!

A daily slideshow of Jesse Owens for Black History Month

Black History Month Resources

Incorporating Black History Month activities in our classrooms is crucial for fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment. These activities honor Black history and encourage understanding, empathy, and respect for various cultures.

Utilize posters, research templates, and interactive slideshows to engage students and enrich their learning experience!👇🏽


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