Black History Month Biographies & Websites for Student Research

October 27, 2023 3 min read

Let’s face it: research projects can be daunting. But did you know it doesn’t have to feel that way with the right tools? Yes, I’ve compiled Black History Month biographies for you that are kid-friendly and … yes, FREE! Read on to learn more.

Black History Month Research Websites & Resources with a picture of a young Black student on a laptop

Research Templates

First, if you’re looking for a Black History Month bulletin board project for elementary, consider research templates.

You can assign students an influential Black leader and have them compile their research via a graphic organizer. They can then transfer their information to a bulletin board-ready template.

I’ve created scaffolded templates & graphic organizers to help you meet students where they’re at as they take on such a large project!

Using these templates, students take on the role of their given prominent figure, providing a first-person point of view.

Even better, there are blank and pre-filled options with specified Black leaders’ images.👇🏽

differentiated research templates for Black History Month

So, how do these Black History Month biographies work?

  1. FIRST: Students choose a figure to research, then compile their research. There are pointers for students on the scaffolded version. Students can use the graphic organizer included to compile their research.
  2. NEXT: Students will fill in their research using either the blank or scaffolded versions.
  3. THEN: It is up to you ultimately if you want to have students hang them in the hallway or on a bulletin board. If choosing to do this, you should have students cut out the excess white areas around the scroll.
  4. LAST: Students can cut out and paste onto construction paper.
A research project for Black History Month as a completed example

There are 42 influential Black leaders, including well-known, lesser-known, and modern individuals. This way, you don’t have to worry about finding the Black figures for your students to research. I’ve taken care of step one for ya!

Need a better look? Here’s a quick video tutorial!👇🏽


Engage students in research this Black History Month using a kid-friendly project! #BlackHistoryMonth #BiographyProject #BarackObama

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FREE Biography Research Sites

Use the following sites for students to research. I’ve linked to the specific pages you’ll need below.

  1. National Geographic Kids
  2. Ducksters
  3. Britannica Kids
  4. Fact Monster
  5. Social Studies for Kids

I’ve personally used a combination of these sites for my fourth graders’ as they researched Black History Month biographies. The content of each site is presented in a kid-friendly and engaging format, making it accessible and suitable for young learners.

Black History Month Video Biographies

You may also consider showing YouTube videos by Black content creators for students to complete their research. Alternatively, give them the links to dig in on their own. Here are some of my favorites.

The Wise Channel

These biographies are presented in SUCH an entertaining, kid-friendly way. Students will find some downright hilarious. This playlist has many Black History Month biographies.

Educational Videos for Students

These videos are presented in cartoon format and include various Black leaders’ biographies. This playlist contains interesting facts about over 100 Black leaders. Give his channel a look, too!

Black History Month Biographies

By now, you should have a starting point or at least an idea for your students’ Black History Month research project!

If you need other ideas, I’ve compiled three Black History Month activities for students, too.

Click the images to learn more about the research templates.⬇️


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