How Box Method Division Color by Codes Boost Student Engagement

October 21, 2022 2 min read

Have you ever wondered how to make learning long division fun using the box method? If you’re an upper elementary teacher, no doubt you’ve felt defeated at one point trying to find ways to make an already difficult concept more engaging and pleasant. Don’t fret; I’ve got a painless trick you can use to achieve the ultimate teacher success — student engagement!

Box Method Division: Instantly Boost Student Engagement with Color by Codes

Why Use Box Method Color by Codes?

Box method division alone is already a less-painful strategy when teaching long division. You already know why the box method is the best way to teach long division, and your students already know how to execute with success; now, you need a brilliantly engaging activity (like coloring) to tie it all up for student success!

How to Use Color by Codes for Box Method Division

If you’d prefer a visual of the process, this video details the procedure outlined below.

Step #1

First, choose one of the differentiated box method division worksheets for students to complete. There are three versions included, with varying levels of scaffolding. Students should complete the entire page before moving on to the next step.

a picture of the box method division differentiated worksheets

Step #2

Next, depending on which version (2-digits, 3-digits, 4-digits, with remainders, without remainders, etc.) you have, students will now need the coloring worksheet with the matching code at the top right corner. *see ‘2E’ in the image below*

Students will match the quotient from each box to each corresponding quotient on the coloring page. Note the color above each quotient; this is the code students will use to color the entire page.

a picture of the box method division color by code coloring process

Step #3 (semi-optional)

Here’s a sneak peek at the most engaging part — the brain teaser! To solve the brain teaser, students must first color the picture (more on this in a bit). To lessen distraction, and trust me, it happens, you’ll want students to fold the worksheet on the dotted line so the brain teaser isn’t showing. I tell my students not to even read it yet, but this part is up to you.

a picture of the box method division color by code folded over for the brain teaser

Step #4

Once students have colored the entire page, they can now unfold the page and search for the answer hidden among their coloring. To add more engagement, I allow students to use a magnifying glass; yep, big kids love searching, too!

a picture of the box method division color by code brain teaser answer

Lastly, students will write their answer under the brain teaser.

a picture of the box method division color by code completely colored in

The Secret to Instant Engagement

The secret to using these Box Method Division Color by Codes to boost student engagement is allowing students to complete the coloring AND brain teaser; they won’t even realize they’re learning! No more tedious, painfully boring worksheets. Combine coloring with learning, and your students will be begging for more.

Try it for Yourself

If you’re ready to implement this simple, no-stress, secret engagement booster, you can take advantage of the box method division Color by Code bundle that includes all options, making you set for the entire year! Or explore each resource individually. Trust me, your students will be fully engaged, unaware they were even learning. 😜


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