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December 21, 2023 3 min read

It’s the end of the year, and you just don’t have time to make engaging, culturally relevant material. Use my FREE Asian Pacific American Heritage Month teaching slides! I did the research, so you can simply project the slides and TEACH (finally!)

A slide of Duke Kahanamoku

Why Use These?

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is celebrated in May yearly. I know, I know — that time of year being the end of the year for many teachers can get…well…hectic.🤪

That’s why I created this Free Asian Pacific American Heritage Month teaching slides set incorporating 1-week of DAILY biographical teaching done for you!

These are interactive slides ready for you to present information and engage students in discussions, group activities, and more.

OH! Did I mention it’ll only take 10-15 minutes daily? Read below to learn how.

A slide that introduces Duke Kahanamoku for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

How to Use These FREE Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Slides

Undoubtedly, there are a plethora of ways you could use these slides.

Below, you’ll find a quick gist of the breakdown in directions for using each slide. See the “When to Use” section for more.

I created the slides to be used simultaneously, so all five slides per person are used in a single sitting. You can break it up and do one slide per day or use all five in one day.

This free slides set includes biographical slides for Duke Kahanamoku. Moreover, the complete set contains 20 well-known, lesser-known, and modern Asian leaders.

Slides Breakdown

  • SLIDE 1 – Vote! Firstly, pique student interest by showing an actual image of Duke Kahanamoku. Conduct a class vote and record the count of students familiar or unfamiliar with him.
  • SLIDE 2 – Learn! Introduce Duke Dahanamoku by reading a summary. Students will learn more by viewing (provided) YouTube video(s). **PLEASE view the video(s) ahead of time to determine if it will suffice for your learners.**
  • SLIDE 3 – Analyze! Read the quote by Duke Kahanamoku and analyze it. Considerations are also included to help guide student thinking. **This activity is best suited for upper elementary grades 3-5 but can easily be skipped if not appropriate for your learners.**
  • SLIDE 4 – Quiz & Collaborate! Next, students can test their memory by trying to fill in the blanks with simple words from the summary on SLIDE 2. Further, an open-ended question particular to Duke Kahanamoku is included for discussion.
  • SLIDE 5 – Check & Collaborate! You can reveal the answers to SLIDE 4 here. Additionally, I’ve included another opportunity to collaborate; students will turn and tell a partner one thing they’ve learned about Duke Kahanamoku.

When to Use

There isn’t a specific, set-in-stone way you should use these slides. Instead, they’re pretty versatile.

By all means, use the slides as you see fit. Here are a few ideas for ways you can use them:

  • Morning Meeting: Project the slide(s) for the day and discuss with students. This helps build a familiar routine.
  • Discussion Starters: Use the slides to spark class discussions. Slide 4 includes an open-ended question already ready for you!
  • Cross-Curricular Connections: Integrate the daily slides into various subjects. For example, you can incorporate science by exploring inventions or innovations.

Furthermore, if you’re like me and need a visual, check out my TikTok video, where I show you exactly what you’ll download!


Includes a full lesson on the legend Duke Kahanamoku – just present and teach😉! #APAHM #teachingslides #teachertips

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Additional Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Activities

Interested in more elementary resources for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month?

Check out this blog post to learn about five activities perfect for elementary students!👇🏽

Get Your Free Download!

Finally, are you ready to dive in? 🥳

Here’s what you’ll get (in Google Slides format):

  • ENTIRE 5-slide set for Duke Kahanamoku
    • interactive voting
    • a short bio
    • informative video
    • a quick formative assessment
    • collaboration

Click the image below for free Asian Pacific American Heritage Month teaching slides. Happy teaching!

A slide of Duke Kahanamoku

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