4 Fundations Free Resources Level 2 for Beginners

June 8, 2023 2 min read

Trying to teach Fundations Level 2 and feeling overwhelmed with planning? I felt that way at first, too! Read on for my top 4 Fundations FREE resources for Level 2 I’ve used to help with planning and teaching.

4 Fundatinos Level 2 Best FREE Resources

Planning Overviews

When you first see the manual, it can be overwhelming. My initial reaction was to simplify the plans and make them into a high-level overview since my team did weekly planning.

I created these planning overviews to help me stop going back and forth in the manual and get a big picture of each unit and week. I’ve included all materials, activities, and individual + total time per day and activity.

You can download Unit 1, Week 1’s planning overview here for free today! Just click the image below.

Daily Exit Tickets

After you’ve taught the lessons and got the hang of at least the first few days, you’ll likely want to know how much of the information was actually retained.

I created daily exit tickets to help me gauge students’ present levels of understanding of the targeted phonics skill. BUT they’re not just any exit ticket! These include a self-assessment (Emoji style) and a digital version.

How I’ve used phonics exit tickets is different than typical. After you’ve taught the lesson, use the daily exit ticket to assess. Students can fill in the emoji to represent how they felt about the skill, providing valuable formative assessment for you.

You can download Unit 1 Week 1’s exit tickets here for free today! Just click the image below.

An image of a phonics exit ticket with images of digraphs colored in

Differentiated Sentence Scrambles

Now that you have planning and formative assessment under your belt, you may need additional resources for centers or general practice.

My favorite way to provide concrete application of each phonics skill has been to use sentence scrambles. Not only are students practicing using the skill in context, but they’re also developing handwriting and sentence structure.

The best part is that all activities are already differentiated for your convenience. There are three versions of each sentence scramble (with the same phonics skill), making it easier than ever to provide differentiated resources for each unique group of students.

There’s also a digital option to incorporate a technology center or just want to go paperless!

You can download Unit 1, Week 1’s sentence scrambles here for free today! Just click the image below.

An image of digital and PDF versions of differentiated sentence scrambles for Fundations Level 2

Interactive Trick Words Activities

We often overlook the importance of practicing trick words in our classrooms. There should be more than one exposure to the words for students, perhaps through specific trick word games and activities.

I created interactive Google Slides to help my students practice daily working with each trick word. They’re perfect for a technology center, morning work, or digital homework.

You can download Unit 1, Week 1’s trick words here for free today! Just click the gif below.

A gif of trick word activities on Google Slides

Download ALL Fundations Free Resources for Level 2

Ready to dive into all the free resources? Click the image below to get your copy now!


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