FREE Question of the Day Morning Meeting Slides for April

February 14, 2024 3 min read

How do you make mornings in the classroom less chaotic? It’s all about routine. And, just how do you do that? Try implementing a daily Question of the Day in your Morning Meeting Slides. Read on to learn how you can download a FREE WEEK’s worth!

Free Morning Meeting Slides for April in Question of the Day format

Why Use These?

The morning time sets the tone for the rest of the school day. So, this is a great time to focus on the community-building aspect.

Honestly, if you don’t hold a traditional morning meeting, that’s okay. However, I’d strongly recommend at least carving out time for daily community-building discussions and activities.

To make it easier on yourself, you can create a predictable routine for the questions you ask each day. Not only does this create familiarity for students, but it gets them excited because they know what to expect!

How to Use These FREE Question of the Day Prompts

So, what do you do?

You can use the Question of the Day first thing in the morning. Simply display the slide and allow students to respond. How they respond is totally up to you.

Some examples include implementing a journal they respond in first and discuss whole class later, finding a buddy to discuss, making it a bell ringer, or even just a whole-group discussion at the carpet.

In addition, students can use the provided sentence starter to practice speaking in complete sentences.

Each day follows a familiar, similar pattern:

My Weekend Monday mood scale free slide for elementary

My Weekend Monday

This day serves a twofold purpose. First, it allows the teacher to gauge students’ emotional states. It also allows students to elaborate and talk about their weekend, which many students can’t wait to do!

Top Two Tuesday

This day gives students a prompt to respond to. There will be a different topic, and they will state their response. Use the ‘examples’ slide to help generate ideas if students get stuck.

Would You Rather Wednesday

This is the traditional game of ‘Would You Rather.’ Students will see two options displayed and pick one. The real images truly help all students, but especially English Learners.

This or That Thursday

This day is similar to Wednesday. Students will see two options displayed and pick one. They will type their choice.

Fun Photo Friday

Essentially, students are creating a meme from the photo. They will look at the funny photo and generate a caption. I give students examples FIRST before doing the rest. I love to see their ideas!

When to Use

While I love using them and have created them for morning meeting slides, they’re pretty versatile.

By all means, use the Question of the Day as you see fit. Here are a few ideas for ways you can use them:

  • Beginning of the day/April morning meeting discussions
  • Use it whole-group and project it on the SmartBoard (students could write responses in a notebook OR respond verbally)
  • Writing prompts
  • Brain breaks
  • Daily check-in
  • Wrap-up, end-of-the-day meeting

MORE: Using Morning Meeting Slides

Interested in other ways to use these Question of the Day slides?

Check out this blog post to learn how these morning meeting slides can boost engagement!👇🏽

Get Your Free Question of the Day Download!

Finally, are you ready to try a full week FREE? 🥳

Here’s what you’ll get (in Google Slides format):

  • April Question of the Day
  • 5 daily slides WITH visuals
  • How-To Use guide for the educator
  • discussion starters on-slide + simple language

Click the image below for free Question of the Day slides for April. Happy teaching!

Question of the Day - This or That Thursday slide

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