How I Plan for Fundations Level 2

June 14, 2024 4 min read

If you’re new to Fundations Level 2, no doubt you’ve asked yourself, “What is the format of a Fundations lesson?” “How long should each lesson take?” “What is the breakdown of what I need for each day?” So. Much. Overwhelm. Read on to learn how I answered those questions (in a sustainable way)!

How I Plan for Fundations Level 2 with a binder of lesson plans

Start with an Overview

As we know, the manual can be very tedious to navigate, especially when just starting with the program. I’ve created high-level overviews to streamline this process and help plan weekly lessons.

Using overviews was the best way I found to reduce the overwhelming feeling. Now, these aren’t actual lesson plans. They don’t cover the daily activities, ‘to-do’ tasks, or specifics. But this gives me a start and allows me to see from a 40-foot view what each day will entail.

Some other ways I’ve found the overviews to be helpful include:

  • quickly see if I covered all parts of the lesson (without having to flip back and forth)
  • gives me a starting point
  • keeps me on track as I have each day laid out
  • organization!! (especially for this Type-A teacher😉)
  • just print once and reuse yearly
fun phonics second grade overviews for lesson planning

What Each Overview Includes

Each page is divided into one week per unit, with each day in a column. I’ve included:

  • teacher materials
  • student materials
  • Student Learning Plan activities
  • time per activity
  • the total time for each day

Teacher Materials

This section has been a game-changer in terms of saving me time! Instead of scrambling last minute to gather all the materials, I can now just take a look at the list and check each one off before the start of each lesson.

teacher materials of Fundations Overviews

Student Materials

The Student Materials section is equally as time-saving. It allows me to prepare students and their materials in advance. I can display a slide at the beginning of the lesson with the materials they’ll need, cutting down on interruptions mid-lesson to distribute materials. This has transformed the pace of my lessons!

My other GENIUS idea was to add the Student Notebook pages to this section! Now, I don’t have to flip through the Student Notebook mid-lesson to find out which pages they’ll be on. YES!

student materials checklist for phonics Level 2


Each day’s activities from the Student Learning Plan are laid out so that you know which routines you’ll need to prep for. I even included the time each activity should take (min. and max.).

Keep in mind that this overview does not include the actual ‘plan’ for each activity; it’s just a quick snapshot of the next step in the planning process.

I also write out the script for the day using the printable lesson plan template available on the program’s website.

student learning plan activities for Level 2 phonics

Total Time

How much time should I spend on each day’s lesson? This question has wracked my brain daily. Thus, I added the minimum and maximum times to keep myself on track!

Knowing each day’s total duration is vital. This is especially true when you have a set number of minutes to teach.  Seeing the total time will help you determine whether the allotted time is realistic or if you’ll need to cut the day in half.

For example, if you have 30 minutes to teach the program with fidelity daily, and a day’s lesson will take 22-40 minutes, you know you’ll need to cut something short or perhaps save it for the next day.

total time for each day of Level 2

Print and Have Ahead of Time

An added advantage of these overviews is that you only have to print them once! Print, put them in a binder, pull them out to reuse yearly, and you’re all set.😄

unit 9 week 2 lesson plan overviews for fundations level 2

Grading Level 2 Assessments

If you’re also wondering how to make your life easier while grading the Fundations Level 2 assessments, I felt the same way (and I’ve got you covered, too!).

Instead of writing on the tests, I wanted a process that let me check the criteria and be done. Plus, I didn’t want to lug the manual everywhere to grade.

That’s when I realized, too, that parents had no idea what the tests consisted of or what the correct answers they should be looking for were.

I created grading slips to help make grading quicker! All the individual markings and words are on one page, which I can quickly check off.

fundations level 2 unit assessment grading sheets

Home/School Connection

Even better, these grading slips are perfect handouts for parents. Give them out after you’ve finished each unit. Then, you won’t have to send the entire assessment home. This way, parents can stay updated on their child’s progress without feeling overwhelmed.

To improve the school/home connection, I also made handouts of each concept per unit so parents could see exactly which skills were addressed in the assessment.

The concepts are in a checkbox format, so all you’d have to do is check off which skills students haven’t mastered. If there are additional concerns or suggestions, you can use the “Notes” box to relay the message.

Fundations concepts by Unit for Level 2

Both the grading slips and concept lists are perfect for parent-teacher conferences. I sent home the full-page Concepts by Unit at the beginning of the year so parents had a summary of what students would be learning.

Then, I used the half-page Concepts by Unit for parent-teacher conferences. Or, I sent them in Wednesday folders, depending on when the test was.

Planning Process for Fundations Level 2

I hope this has given you a clearer picture of how to make the planning process more efficient! Initially, it was an overwhelming process, but I’m here to tell you it gets easier. You’ve got this!

Get a free sample of Unit 1’s Overviews here!


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