How To Use Fun Phonics Exit Tickets

January 4, 2023 2 Comments

You’ve just taught a lesson on a targeted phonics skill, but how will you assess students’ understanding? Use quick, kid-friendly, and fun phonics exit tickets! Phonics exit tickets are a way for teachers to evaluate students’ understanding of phonics concepts at the end of a lesson or unit. Equally important, you must also know what to do with the data. Read on for actionable steps!

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Fun Phonics Exit Tickets – Why?

An exit ticket typically involves students answering a question or completing a short activity, demonstrating their understanding of class material. Exit tickets are vital because once you’ve completed the lesson, you’ll want to have a pulse on what aspects of the lesson your students have mastered or still need additional instruction.


First things first, ensure you’ve quickly reviewed the material right after the lesson; this can be a quick question such as, “When do we use ‘c,’ ‘k,’ and ‘ck’ when spelling words?”

Step #1

Make a set of questions or tasks that relate to the phonics concept taught. These could be multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, open-ended questions or hands-on tasks such as sorting words by their initial sounds or blending sounds to make words.

Examples of exit tickets that can be used for phonics skills

Step #2

Distribute the exit tickets to students at the end of the lesson or unit. Have students complete the exit ticket independently. Allow sufficient time for students to complete. Consider setting a timer or predetermining a set time for students to complete.

An image of a phonics exit ticket with images of digraphs colored in

Step #3

Collect and review the exit tickets to assess students’ understanding of the phonics concepts. Record information on a Google Sheets document or other working doc. You can use this information to inform your instruction and tailor your lessons to the needs of your students.

A computer displaying a Google Sheets formative assessment tracker

Step #4

Provide feedback to students on their exit ticket responses. Feedback can include individualized feedback or a class discussion about the correct answers and common challenges students faced.

Helpful Tips

  1. Add an option for students to self-assess. To make it truly “fun,” add emojis and allow students to select the emoji that best represents their level of understanding.
  2. Use a working document to record data. Using a Google Sheets, Docs, or Slides option for tracking data allows you to pinpoint areas of weakness; equip yourself with proper data for parent conferences, data meetings, etc.!
  3. Don’t officially grade the exit slips. Remember, we’re using this as a formative assessment of students’ data. The sole purpose of this type of assessment is to guide your future instruction — not to use it as a formal grade.

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    I downloaded this resource on 5/1/22 and love it. It’s an easy, fast, and great way to check for understanding.

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      I’m so glad to hear that you love these exit tickets, Cindy!

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