Free Morning Meeting Question of the Day Slides for September

July 10, 2024 3 min read

The morning meeting is a powerful way to begin the day in elementary classes. But it can be tedious to repeatedly formulate a morning meeting question of the day — especially in the back-to-school season, amirite? Just use my free September discussion questions! Read on to find out how.

free morning meeting questions for September

September Morning Meeting Questions – Why?

Mornings set the tone for the entire school day, making them an ideal time to focus on building community.

If you don’t hold a traditional morning meeting, that’s perfectly fine. However, I highly recommend setting aside time daily for community-building discussions and activities.

To simplify things, establish a consistent routine for the questions you ask each day. This not only fosters familiarity for students but also builds excitement as they know what to expect!

How to Use Morning Meeting Question of the Day

So, where to begin?

You can effortlessly start your mornings with these September Question of the Day slides. Simply display the slide and let students respond in a way that suits your class best. It’s that easy!

You could have students write in a journal and discuss as a whole class later, pair up with a buddy to discuss, use it as a bell ringer, or hold a whole-group discussion on the carpet.

Additionally, students can use the provided sentence starters to practice speaking in complete sentences.

Each day follows a familiar and consistent pattern:

Morning Meeting sharing question

My Weekend Monday

This day serves a dual purpose. It allows you to gauge students’ emotional states and gives students a chance to share about their weekend, something many of them are eager to do!

Top Two Tuesday

On this day, students respond to a given prompt. Each week, a different topic is featured, and students share their responses. If students need inspiration, use the ‘examples’ slide to spark ideas.

Would You Rather Wednesday

This is the classic ‘Would You Rather’ game. Students see two options and choose one. The real images are especially helpful for all students, particularly English Learners.

This or That Thursday

Similar to Wednesday, students see two options and pick one. They can vote by moving to either side of the classroom or just responding verbally.

Fun Photo Friday

Essentially, students create a meme from the photo. They look at the funny picture and come up with a caption. I always provide examples first before they create their own. I love seeing their creative ideas!

When to Question of the Day Slides

While I’ve created them for September Question of the Day prompts, these slides are incredibly versatile.

Feel free to use them in whatever way sparks your creativity and works best for you and your students.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Beginning of the day/September morning meeting discussions
  • Whole-group discussions projected on the SmartBoard (students can write responses in a notebook or respond verbally)
  • Writing prompts
  • Brain breaks
  • Daily check-ins
  • Wrap-up, end-of-the-day meetings

What Are Some Good Morning Meeting Questions?

Interested in other versions and ways to use these Question of the Day slides?

Check out this blog post to learn how these morning meeting slides can boost engagement!👇🏽

Get Your Free Discussion Questions Download!

Finally, are you ready to try a full week of Morning Meeting Question of the Day Slides for September FREE? 🥳

Here’s what you’ll receive (in Google Slides format):

  • 1 week of September Question of the Day
  • 5 daily slides WITH visuals
  • How-To Use guide for the educator
  • sentence starters on-slide + simple language

Get your free Question of the Day slides for September now and start building a strong classroom community!

Click the image below to download. Happy teaching!

would you rather questions for September

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