3 Meaningful Women’s History Month Activities for Elementary Students

February 2, 2023 3 min read

Yes, Women’s History Month can be celebrated in the elementary classroom, even if you’re short on time. Even though we recognize Women’s History Month in March, you can incorporate these three activities year-round. Below, you’ll read about three Women’s History Month activities that’ll create meaningful experiences and learning for all learners.

3 Meaningful Women's History Month Activities

Biography Research Reports

One way students can learn more about influential women is to do guided research. There are a plethora of influential women who students can research. Promote student choice by allowing them to choose the woman they’d like to research!

You’ll want students to have a designated research process. After students have chosen, I’d recommend using a graphic organizer to record their initial research. Students can work in pairs or individually, depending on the makeup of your class, the level of support available to you, etc.

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown example.👇🏽

Once students have completed their graphic organizer, they can transfer their information to the “final version.” I love this step because the template can double as a bulletin board display. You can even take it a step further and differentiate the “final version.”

If a bulletin board display isn’t an option, you can have students share their research with the class or invite other classes and staff to hear students present.

Women's History Month biography research report for elementary students
Finished research template that can be used for a bulletin board display, available in two differentiated versions

Women’s History Month Posters

Expose students to the stories of well-known, lesser-known, and modern women to inspire their research process. Introduce each woman by highlighting her accomplishments, then hang the posters around the classroom.

Furthermore, you can introduce one woman daily during a designated time, like morning meeting. Encourage discussion and collaboration among your students.

Women's History Month posters for the elementary classroom
Includes a short, kid-friendly biography snippet + a portrait for all 45 women

Differentiated Task Cards

Extend the learning with task cards! There are many different uses for task cards. Essentially they are cards that contain a short activity for students to complete. They usually fill out a recording sheet to keep track of their answers.

Because task cards are typically designed four to a page (standard 8.5×11), they’re pretty versatile. My favorite way is to hang the task cards around the room and allow students to walk around with their recording sheets, completing each task.

After students have learned about well-known, lesser-known, and modern women, you can use the differentiated task cards as a cumulative review. You can have students complete this individually, with a partner, or even in a small (~3 students) group.

Moreover, you can incorporate differentiated task cards into your small group time. These task cards include multiple-choice, open-ended, and multiple-choice with a picture of the woman. Select the level of differentiation that your student group needs. Hand a card to each student, allowing them to record their answers as you observe. What better way to differentiate accordingly?!

Women's History Month activities for elementary school - differentiated task cards
Differentiated task cards with corresponding recording pages

Women’s History Month Activities

As you see, Women’s History Month activities in the elementary classroom can be both meaningful AND short and sweet. In addition, all students benefit when you create opportunities to foster an inclusive classroom environment where BOTH girls and boys can dream big!

Still trying to figure out where to start? Use this free poster set!

Ready to explore? See ALL the Women’s History Month activities for yourself!


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